In 7 weeks, you are expected to finish and submit a comprehensive agribusiness plan so you can apply for a for up to a P15 million agribusiness loan from the Department of Agriculture's Agri-Negosyo (ANYO) loan program.

Here is the breakdown of the curriculum:

Week 1: Introduction to Agribusiness

  1. What is agribusiness?
  2. Misconceptions about agribusiness
  3. Types of agribusinesses
  4. Farming vs. Agribusiness

Week 2: Opportunity Seeking in Agribusiness

  1. Journey towards a bountiful life
  2. Exploring external opportunities
  3. Seeking opportunities from within
  4. Validating your market gap
  5. Opportunity screening scorecard

Week 3: Marketing and Sales for Agribusiness

  1. Setting vision, mission, and objectives
  2. Branding your agribusiness
  3. Basics of negotiation and sales
  4. Identifying your supplier network and channels

Week 4: Farm Layout and Technical Specifications

  1. Ideal project team
  2. Land surveying and site profiling
  3. Construction cost estimation
  4. Agribusiness operations and processes

Week 5: Agribusiness and Farm Management

  1. National and ASEAN agribusiness standards
  2. Inclusive and sustainable agribusiness practices
  3. Setting key performance indicators
  4. Operating in a Kanban

Week 6: Financial Planning and Projections for Agribusiness

  1. Equity and fundraising
  2. Agricultural credit requirements
  3. Projected income statement
  4. Projected cash flows
  5. Analyzing financial Ratios

Week 7: Legal Compliance and Requirements for Agribusiness

  1. Agribusiness registration and legal compliance
  2. Crop production requirements
  3. Animal production requirements
  4. Agro-processing requirements
  5. Agritourism requirements
  6. Trading and marketing requirements