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Tagani offers world’s best programs in food, agriculture, and agribusiness — towards your  goals. Learn from the best teachers through our digital-first school.

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Save ₱2,400
Online Course: Farm and Agribusiness PlanningOnline Course: Farm and Agribusiness Planning
Sale price₱7,580 Regular price₱9,980
Online Course: Farm and Agribusiness Planning Kevin Tagani
Save ₱470
Hydroponics Farming Business
Sale price₱980 Regular price₱1,450
Hydroponics Farming Business Kevin Tagani
Save ₱1,000
Coffee BaristaCoffee Barista
Sale price₱3,480 Regular price₱4,480
Coffee Barista Alfredo Bargola, Jr.
Save ₱500
Egg-Layer Chicken FarmingEgg-Layer Chicken Farming
Sale price₱980 Regular price₱1,480
Egg-Layer Chicken Farming Tagani Philippines

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